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Flower Meanings

Reference: "Kate Greenaway's Language of Flowers"

Undecided about which flower to send to that special someone?
Each type of flower has its own subtle meaning. If you want to convey
 just the right message, check below to find your flower's true meaning.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S  T U V W X Y Z

Acacia: Friendship  
Acacia (yellow): Secret love  
Almond (flowering): Hope  
Alyssum (sweet): Beauty  
Amaranth (globe): Unfading love  
Amaryllis: Pride, Beauty  
Anemone: Forsaken  
Aster: Afterthought  
Bachelor's Button: Celibacy top
Beech: Prosperity  
Bell Flowers: Gratitude  
Birch:  Meekness  
Cactus:  Warmth top
Calla: Beauty  
Camelia, Red: Excellence  
Camelia, White: Loveliness  
Carnation, Red:  For my poor heart  
Cedar:  Strength  
Chrysanthemum, Red:  I love you  
Chrysanthemum, White: Truth  
Clover: Be mine  
Coreopsis: Always cheerful  
Corn: Richness  
Crocus: Youthful gladness  
Daffodil: Regard top
Dahlia: Instability  
Daisy:  Innocence  
Fennel:  Worthy of praise top
Fern:  Fascination  
Forget me not:  True Love  
French Honeysuckle:  Rustic Beauty  
French Marigold: Jealousy  
French Willow: Bravery  
Geranium: Melancholy top
Geranium, Ivy: Bridal Favor  
Grapes: Abundance  
Golden Rod: Precaution  
Hawthorn:  Hope  
Heliotrope:  Faithfulness  
Hibiscus: Delicate beauty  
Holly: Foresight  
Hollyhock: Ambition  
Honeysuckle: Devoted affection  
Hyacinth: Sport, Game  
Hyssop: Cleanliness  
Iris: Message top
Ivy:  Fidelity, Marriage  
Jasmine:  Amiability top
Jasmine (yellow):  Grace and Elegance  
Juniper: Protection  
Lantana:  Rigour top
Larkspur:  Lightness  
Laurel: Glory  
Lemon Blossoms: Fidelity  
Lilac, Purple:  First Love  
Lily, Day:  Coquetry  
Lily, Imperial: Majesty  
Lily, White: Purity, Sweetness  
Lily, Yellow:  Gaiety  
Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness  
Lotus: Eloquence  
Lotus Flower: Estranged Love  
Love in Mist: Perplexity  
Lupine:  Imagination  
Magnolia: Love of Nature top
Maple: Reserve  
Marjoram: Blushes  
Mint:  Virtue  
Morning Glory: Affectation  
Myrtle: Love  
Narcissus:  Egotism top
Nasturtium: Patriotism  
Oak leaves: Bravery top
Oleander: Beware  
Orange Blossoms: Purity = loveliness  
Palm: Victory top
Pansy: Thoughts  
Peach Blossoms: I am your captive.  
Pear:  Affection  
Pear Tree: Comfort  
Periwinkle, Blue: Early friendship  
Periwinkle, White: Pleasures of Memory  
Phlox: Unanimity  
Poppy, Red:  Consolation  
Primrose: Early Youth  
Ranunculus: You are radiant with charms top
Rose: Love  
Rose, bridal:  Happy love  
Rose, Burgundy:  Unconscious Beauty  
Rose, Multiflora: Grace  
Rose, Single: Simplicity  
Rose, White: I am worthy of you.  
Rose, Yellow: Decrease of Love  
Rose, White/Red: Unity  
Rosebud, red: Pure and lovely  
Rosebud, White: Girlhood  
Sage:  Domestic Virtue top
Snapdragon: Presumption  
Snowdrop: Hope  
Sorrel: Affection  
Star of Bethlehem: Purity  
Stock: Lasting Beauty  
Sunflower: Adoration  
Sweet Basil: Good Wishes  
Sweet Pea: Delicate Pleasure  
Sycamore:  Curiosity  
Thistle: Austerity top
Thyme: Activity  
Trumpet: Flower Fame  
Tuberose: Dangerous Pleasure  
Tulip, Red: Declaration of Love  
Tulip, Variegated: Beautiful Eyes  
Turnip: Charity  
Veronica: Fidelity top
Vine:  Intoxication  
Violet, Blue: Faithfulness  
Violet, Yellow: Happiness  
Walnut: Intellect top
Water Lily: Purity of Heart  
Willow, Creeping: Love Forsaken  
Willow, Water: Freedom  


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updated on  03/01/2005

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